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Scheduling ARD Meetings

If you like many parents are anticipating you may need to meet with your child's educational team, to propose educational changes prior to the beginning of school, contact your campus as soon as possible to schedule a Admission Review and Dismissal Meeting (ARD).  It is important to schedule these meetings as soon as possible, as each campus' schedule does fill rather quickly, and you do not what your child's plan to wait any longer than absolutly necessary.  

When scheduling a ARD Meeting one important "parent involvement" piece of information to always remember is the requirement of each party (both the school at the parent) to find a "mutually agreeable" date and time for the meeting to take place.  Finding a "mutually" agreeable date and time ensures the possibility for all members of the ARD Committee to participate to the benefit of the student.  

19 Texas Administrative Code § 89.1050. The Admission, Review, and Dismissal (ARD) Committee.  

(d)  The school district must take steps to ensure that one or both parents are present at each ARD committee meeting or are afforded the opportunity to participate, including notifying the parents of the meeting early enough to ensure that they will have an opportunity to attend and scheduling the meeting at a mutually agreed upon time and place. Additionally, a school district must allow parents who cannot attend an ARD committee meeting to participate in the meeting through other methods such as through telephone calls or video conferencing. The school district must provide the parents with written notice of the ARD committee meeting that meets the requirements in 34 CFR, §300.322, at least five school days before the meeting unless the parents agree to a shorter timeframe. 

                                                Requesting Evaluations

If you are among the many, who find yourself needing a educational evaluation for your child, you will want to ensure you request this ONLY in written format.  Below is a sample of a "Request for Evaluation" letter you can write and submit to your local school to ensure your request for a evaluation is documented in your child's educational file.

Letter Requesting Initial
(Be sure to keep a copy for yourself.)

Name of principal
Name of school
Address of school
Dear (name of principal):

I am the parent of (name of student), a student at your school. My child’s teacher
and I have concerns that my child may have a disability and is in need of special
education services.


I am the parent of (name of child), a child that resides in your district that is or will be
3 years old on (birth date). I believe my child may have a disability and is in need of
special education services.

I am requesting a full individual evaluation of my child. I believe testing is needed in
the area(s) of: (list areas of suspected disability needing testing).

I understand that the evaluation must be completed within 45 school days from the
date the school district receives signed consent for evaluation.

Please contact me, within five days of this request, to schedule a meeting to sign consent forms to evaluate my child. Thank you for your help.


Your name
Your address
Your telephone number
Your e-mail address (optional)

For additional templates on how to format letters to your school, please "click" on the Sample Letters tab.