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A little bit about ME!

I am a busy wife of 25 years and mom of two teenage sons diagnosed at a very early age, one with Asperger's Syndrome and one with classic Autism. Just this 2022, we learned of my daughter's diagnosis of Autism, which has brought to us a whole new understanding of Autism and the value of diagnosing. This amazing journey has led me on a path to eagerly help others as I was helped myself for so many years. 

In my professional career I have worked with two local non-profit organizations in the field of parenting programs. I have served as Outreach Coordinator, assisting parents and community partners become well connected with resources in their area to best reach their child or young adults individual need, as well as my most recent past position as Director of Parenting Programs. Having the ability to develop Advocacy training programs for parents, which are curriculum based, as well as the ability to manage staff to administer this curriculum is what may set me aside from other Advocates and Consultants in this field. Due to the  programs I oversaw, which were grant funded,  I was able to develop a system of tracking the effectiveness of the Advocacy and growth of services children in our community were receiving.   

I have been advocating for children and families for over 20 years, of which 5 were in a Senior Leadership capacity, overseeing two parenting programs for a local San Antonio non-profit organization. Having the opportunity to work with Foundational support from local and federal grants gave me the gift to serve and support, on average, 600 participants between the two programs annually.

I have assisted families within the family court system as well as families who have been referred through the Juvenile Justice System. My experience with the Justice system, in working with the education system and students with disabilities, extend from students from elementary through age 22.

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