Lorene Dillard Advocacy and Consulting

A mother who continues to walk the same path as you.

Educational and Parental Consulting

Advocacy Support

  • Help you advocate for your child’s rights;
  1. Explain the IDEA, the 504 process and help you determine which program will be appropriate for your child;
  2. Review all records and evaluations and create a case summary with recommendations;
  3. Recommend accommodations/modifications, supports and related services based on the individual needs of the child;
  4. Revise and/or write recommended IEP (Individual Education Goal) for         your student/child.  These recommendations have proven to assist ARD Committee members with successful educational planning for all children.
  5. Ensure if your child qualifies for services as a "student with Autism" the services outlined in the Autism Supplement (Commissioners Rules), which are 11 additional services, are explained and understood  Understanding these additional services will maximize success for your child.
  6. Assist and support with any and all Manifestation Determination.  
  7. Assist with Complaint Resolution up to and including Mediation and Due Process.
  8. Provide information on Extended School Day (ESD) and Extended School Year (ESY).  Both of these services are provided to children who receive Special Education Services.  For those who need assistance, if there Local Education Agency (LEA) or school is telling them "their child may not qualify", I may be able to help.
  9. Provide parents with information and training to increase their advocacy skills and help them make informed decisions regarding their child's education.
  10. Much, much more…
Coming together to learn

Consulting Services

For a consultant fee, I am able to offer file review, case summary, recommendations and a one hour telephone, in person or Skype consultation.  Any time over the initial hour will be billed at a hourly rate.  Contract must be signed and fee paid in full before files will be reviewed.  Fee becomes non-refundable once documents have been received. 

Teachers "pulling their way" to EXCELLENCE!

Nurturing Program Facilitator Training

Attend a three-day workshop that will teach you the philosophy of Nurturing Parenting and how to implement and facilitate the Nurturing Parenting Programs.